Rule Of Thumb

My name is Jay Caplan. On this web site, you will find various topics that I have researched and written about. Each topic is clearly presented, with extensive hyperlinks to other web sites that provide in depth information on the points covered. As the name of this site implies, I have strived to present "rules of thumb" for the topics covered.  For the meaning and origin of this phrase, click here to see the Wikipedia entry on it. I would be interested in hearing any questions, comments, or suggestions. My email address is


1) Surviving Auto Ownership in New York. Covers buying and insuring a car, parking, driving, and avoiding speeding tickets. While significant portions are New York specific, there is much information residents of any state will find valuable.

2) How to Buy a Diamond. Before spending serious money to buy a diamond ring, I wanted to educate myself on the subject. Here are the results of my research.

3) Recommended Firefox extensions

Last updated: 04/25/2010